Beijing Design Week 2013 Design Hop@UCCA 2013.09.24


Appropriate, Mutate, Innovate: Environmentally Conscious Contemporary Lifestyles out of the UCCA Lecture abstract: "It is hard to argue that the climate and ecology of the world is not drastically changing and being effected by human consumption and population growth. Individual choices and lifestyles have a significant impact upon the world’s ecosystems which in turn impact people’s quality of life. Daily rituals, habits and mind sets are a strong determinate of the types of things people buy and the types of things people consume on a daily basis. Questioning and evolving
This mind set can help to not only enrich living from a day to day perspective, but can also benefit the world’s ecology.
AMI is a DESIGN BASED provocation looking at how to further evolve the idea of design which at its core, seeks to embrace a holistic approach to design that is rooted in ecological friendly mind sets. It’s an exploration and a challenge to designers and consumers in regards to how to further not only the idea of use of environmentally friendly materials, but how to evolve cultural attitudes towards what could be considered ecologically sustainable design.
What we are interested in is a furthering of the evolution of design where design functions as a type of cultural exchange, and how in a fundamental sense
design can help to challenge and facilitate changes in what and how people consume that is more efficient and responsible to the world that sustains us."

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