Beijing Design Week 2014


On the initiative of Francesca Maria Origa and Irene Sola, CROSSBOUNDARIES is participating this year's Design Week with a small exhibit:

The air is a shared natural resource. In 100 years from now might it be possible that this free resource becomes inaccessible?
Could clean air become a consumer good?
In the future, will we have to buy air on Taobao or Amazon?
Air-packs from different global cities – from Beijing to New York through Barcelona, among others - have been collected and analyzed in order to be displayed as “on sale” products during this 2014 Beijing Design Week.

In 50 years, when the air could be very polluted, purchasing clean air might become vital for an individual’s survival.
This could open up a new field of research for designers, looking for innovative ways to design the containers that hold the air.
How do you imagine them?

air$value was possible through extensive collaboration.
With special thanks to:
Jonah Jiang (张睿), 泽渥, 肖珊珊, 谭坦, 高旸, Sheenam Mujoo, Alberto Origa and Tom Bannister.