Crossboundaries Annual Party


Thank you for the extra long flower-blooming and low PM 2.5 days this year in Beijing. Despite the many projects that Crossboundaries is currently working on, we took advantage of this beautiful spring and to have some fun before your cousin, Summer, arrives on full blast.

Balloons dancing in our office space were not just for the thrill of the visual but also to speak of one of our mantras: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

To you all who contribute to Crossboundaries, in support and collaboration, and for making last Friday's event into a celebration, a big THANK YOU!

We were so happy to see the many faces well known to Crossboundaries as well as those new. Together we make the parts of the whole, let's continue to make it even greater. Looking forward to the coming year with all of you in it!