Different Perspectives, Solar Systems and Stones – Lecture at Siegen


Frankfurt partner Antje Voigt was presenting the working strategies and practice of Crossboundaries to architecture students and faculty at Universität Siegen in their BAU(SCH) & BOGEN lecture series - “The lock stock and barrel of building and architecture”. Invited by Professor Ulrich Exner, Antje shared examples of work demonstrating the critical point of practice is to get outside the box by approaching tasks from different perspectives describing it through the metaphor of solar systems and stones.

Solar systems: Making orbits with network partners to expand our working fields beyond architecture; Stones: Experimental, nonarchitectural and intervention project ‘stones’ that we drop into the lake to test which fade away, which interfere or which unexpectedly amplify into something even greater. What we’ve learned over the years is that what can appear contradictory in industry practices is resolved by the ripples of other interventions through taking a totally different perspective.