Graduation of our Design Thinking Studio


Mid-august we wrapped up our two week summer studio on design thinking.

Whats design thinking?
That’s exactly what we spent two weeks exploring in our Design Thinking Studio at Crossboundaries.

Skilled for the future
We’ll share with you the secret. Its not about design, not in the traditional way most of us think about it, it’s a process of thinking that is designed to develop opportunities and find real solutions from the problems we identify around us.

Design Thinking Studio
It was a fun packed two weeks of workshops at Crossboundaries and activities around the city.
The two week program wrapped up with a final presentation to family and Studio Instructors. Every member presented self-identified problems they were passionate about and proposed solutions such as methane gas collection from cows and mobile city gardens!

Big thanks
for contributions from GMP, Ramoprimo, APSA, WildBound, Gung-Ho Pizza, MCK, Minds at Play, Raffles Design Institute and Opposite House Hotel.