House Vision



"China House Vision" Launch

House Vision was initiated by Kenya Hara and launched in China by Nippon Design Center and Beijing Design Week. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural research project will develop visions for the built environment and lifestyle in 2025 China.
Crossboundaries, along with 14 leading architecture firms in China, was invited to the project team. We will develop our vision together with leaders in real estate, technology, culture, etc. Concepts will be presented in early 2016.
The first China House Vision Forum took place during the 2015 Beijing Design Week. Sadao Tsuchiya, architect and member of the MUJI. NET research lab, and Yung Ho Chang, principal architect of Atelier FCJZ and professor of MIT architecture, spoke with project members and partners to explore the trend, challenges and responses to future urban living in China.
Location: China Millennium Monument (CMM), Beijing

Research on Future Living Panel
How people in a community live reflects its society’s culture. As sharing economy and its business models become more prevalent, how will our communities change? How will the advancement of sensor technology influence our future living and adapt to serve the people? In this panel, China House Vision architects will examinine the topics above together. Tsuchiya Sadao will be sharing the experience of 2nd House Vision Tokyo Exhibition 2016, and discuss how architects and enterprises can push for innovation in design and industries.

Yung Ho Chang | Principal, Atelier FCJZ
WANG Yun | Pincipal, Atelier Fronti
HUA Li | Founder & Principal, TAO Architecture Office
ZHANG Ke | Partner, Standard Architecture
WANG Hui | Partner & Principal, Urbanus Architecture & Design
DONG Hao | Partner, Crossboundaries, Beijing
John van de Water | Partner, NEXT Architects
Jiang Xiaofei | Partner, NEXT Architects
Tsuchiya Sadao | Director, House Vision in Asia; Committee Member of China House Vision

Location: ADA Gallery, No. 1 Zhanlanguan Rd. University of Civil Engineering and Architecture Graduate School of Architecture Design and Art, Xicheng District Beijing