Project: Biodiversity Concept for AUDI

Ingolstadt (Germany)
Planning Area:
200 ha
Development Period:
2012 - 2013
Antje Voigt, Dipl. Ing. Architektin BDA, Frankfurt
PAN GmbH (Landscape Design and Nature Survey)

The AUDI factory in Ingolstadt (Germany) is a highly densified production site with an extremely efficient use of space. The target to raise in production figures within a limited area leads to continuous dynamic transition processes. Very few green spaces have been preserved at the site; a considerable increase of valuable natural reserves cannot be expected for the future.

At the same time the AUDI AG aims to assume social, political and ecological responsibility: As part of the corporate culture a Biodiversity Concept for the site elaborates opportunities to sustain the biological diversity. The concept surveys and develops
∙ existing endangered species, biotopes and habitats, that are worthy to be protected,
∙ possible areas for new habitats or green developments (as roofs, temporary fallow fields etc.) and
∙ conceptual future development strategies for the site.