Project: BMW Foshan Longdebao 4S dealership

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.
Foshan, Guangdong
Designable area:
Design period:
Nov 2011 - Apr 2012
May 2012 - May 2013
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Hao Dong, Binke Lenhardt
Brecht Van Acker
BMW China design team
Hao Dong

Reflecting on BMW as a brand that’s about quality technology and after sales service, imitating and expressing these characteristics. Creating a dealership experience by using a few premium materials and reoccurring elements to define an atmosphere and experience for each function.

Car technology transforms to layered customer flow

Creating a clear distinction between corporate showcase and customer service, the general layout is determined by BMW's architectural standards, the first floor for exhibition and above customer VIP. Providing a combination of large open areas and smaller enclosed private spaces, pre-assigned with a specific material and colour palette.

Small spaces on the first floor were considered more technical. Visually connected to the repair workshops and the after sales area. A delicate metal mesh used as vertical separation. This enhances the idea of high technology and quality. Semi transparent, it maintains visibility of the complete space.
Adjacent waiting areas take a calmer and relaxed mood. Natural, warmer finishes of wood set the customer at ease and feel appreciated.

Upstairs one there is a big open area, with high value atmosphere. Winding through the space a metal curtain breaks the rigid plan and unifies it as one. Adjacent lie the supporting functions of children's area, bar, games room, massage room, movie theatre, lounge and restaurant – maintaining a visual connection towards the main VIP area. The more secluded areas of the massage room, roof terrace access and the restaurant benefit from a room high green wall, enhancing the light feeling of the space.