Project: Freiraum P – Creative Workshop

Ingolstadt (Germany)
Design Period:
Antje Voigt, Dipl. Ing. Architektin BDA, Frankfurt
Cooperation Partners:
rendering Visualisierung + Animation, Darmstadt

Under the keyword "Freiraum P" a studio building for the production staff of AUDI in Ingolstadt is designed to serve for informal meetings and workshops. The location requires a unique atmosphere and unexpected perspectives onto the production site to encourage creative processes.

Three different concepts are developed:
• The establishment of a permanent building structure leads to a lasting solution and stationary representation at the plant with reduced variability. The effort is limited essentially on a one time investment.
• Transportable buildings in changing positions at the production site offer potentials in terms of surprise and shift of perspectives. Due to the design requirements they may be limited in terms of their ease of use. Relocating the building causes additional efforts.
• Installations utilize existing spaces for temporary events and open new perspectives onto familiar spaces. The presence at the site is characterized by changing locations (inside the parking garage, in the basement, in the press shop on top of the press, inside the roof structure etc.). Each installation creates new expenses, which in the individual cases is much lower than for permanent buildings. Standard elements can be reused (technical equipment, furnishing etc.).

The client favors the vision of a temporary building structure on the roof of a production hall. The chosen location increases the technical requirements (escape routes, structural engineering, construction materials etc.). Nevertheless, the building concept claims for simplicity, changeability and a workshop character.