Project: Hegezhuang Artist Residence

Beijing, China
Artist Studio and Residence
Plot size:
500 sqm
Design period:
November 2012- February 2013
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Anne-Charlotte Wiklander, Tracey Loontjens

A quiet and unique retreat for an artist, to live and focus on work. For self-reflection and social gatherings, escaping city life. Catering for gatherings with friends and family and space for displaying a large art collection.

protecting border freeing the interior

Hegezhuang is a small village on the edge of Beijing. Filled with one and two story red brick buildings, surrounded by winding alleyways. The enclosed long and narrow plot divides into three - art, living and service. A boundary wall acts as a protecting border, containing all services and circulation and allowing the inner space to be open.

Resonating with traditional Chinese courtyard buildings, this design completely encloses a space and focuses on freeing the interior by minimizing the built form. This is a straight forward design for fast construction using repeated details and a refined material palette that local workers know; brick, concrete, recycled timber and black coated steel.

Between the three parts, the courtyards allow for north and south daylight. In the center, there are the living units, at ground floor a large open kitchen and a common area, above two guest rooms as well as a large master bedroom. The maisonette above the gallery can be directly accessed through the art studio. In the north of the lot a a single story service unit consists of two single bedrooms and the laundry room.