Axonometric view

Floor plan

Multifunctional space

Group meeting

Lecture projection

Moveable partition

Temporary office

Project: Heinrich Böll Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Dongcheng District Beijing, China
Office Buildings
155 sqm
Dec. 2007- April 2008
Binke Lenhardt, Hao Dong
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Crossboundaries, Beijing

Prioritizing flexibility of space in a working environment, this project is about allowing the boundaries of public and private to intertwine, tied together with the image of corporate identity. The result is the creation of a working environment more in tune with the natural environment.

In tune with a natural environment

Divided into two areas, offices and a multi-purpose room, a white corridor acts as an interface between the workspaces, dissolving the boundaries between service and work. Sliding doors are critical to the reconfiguration. When closed, the doors become walls. When open, they are disappearing behind the shelves, creating a larger more fluid working space. The multi-purpose room solves multiple needs of a workspace, with movable shelves that can be configured in any number of ways.

In the work spaces, the glossy white finish of the shelves and the different tones of green on the table surfaces stand in contrast to the waxed, matte oak flooring. This gives a natural feel to the space. On the other hand the multipurpose room reverses the rule. Wooden table tops and flooring derived from the foundations brand identity dominate the space. Throughout, translucent polycarbonate allows soft light in, creating a calming atmosphere and encouraging interaction.