Project: China House Vision

Curator & Sponsor:
Sponsor & Partner Brand:
TCL China
GWC China
Exhibition Dates:
September 21 to November 06, 2018
Beijing, China
Pavillion Size:
100 sqm
Design Duration:
March 2018 - September 2018
Partners in charge:
DONG Hao, Binke Lenhardt
Design Team:
Sidonie Kade, David Eng, Li Gan, Hongyi Hao
Beijing Yi Hao Design & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Technology continues to change the way we live, work, and move, yet the building sector remains largely stagnant. Your Home: Infinite Living imagines a more responsive, changeable home – one that taps into future technologies through architecture to allow the residents to infinitely shape their space.

responsive, changeable home

China’s continuing urban shift puts tremendous pressure on both cities and citizens to adapt quickly. Soon the majority of people in China will live in mid- or high-rise residential towers, whose standardized layouts will become increasingly unaccommodating for the new nuclear family unit, the digital nomad, or the co-living community.

Sponsored by TCL, Infinite Living uses the television as a window to explore new interactions in virtuality. As a visual portal, television can transcend the monitor, create infinitely many spaces within and beyond itself, respond to everyday needs, and break through the increasingly blurred line between the virtual and the actual.

The flexible architecture of Infinite Living is a continuation of Crossboundaries greater vision illustrated at La Biennale di Venezia 2016. A way of living that responds to individual needs and provide the options to change according to its inhabitants. Adjustable and smart - every activity can happen here - the pre programmed personalized space would be transferable to other locations and inserted into existing structures.

experience the pavillion
Your Home: Infinite Living is a full-scale housing prototype – an experimental, adaptive living environment. Crossboundaries, working with TCL (sponsor), is one of 10 teams contributing to this year-long collaboration with CHINA HOUSE VISION.

Exhibition Opens: 9/ 21
Open to the general public: 9/26 - 11/ 6
Hours: 10:00 – 19:00 daily (18:00 last entry)
Location: Birds nest, South Square, Olympic Park

about house vision
In 2013 - HOUSE VISION launches, a Pan-Asian platform of multidisciplinary research and development initiated and curated by designer KENYA HARA in Japan.
In 2015, Crossboundaries and several other leading Chinese architects were invited to pursue research topics and develop concepts focused on the future of domesticity – using the home as an intersection between industries – and present them in ACROSS CHINESE CITIES – CHINA HOUSE VISION at La Biennale di Venezia 2016.
In 2018, ten design studios partnered with ten industry-leading companies to construct pavilions, testing their ideas at 1:1 scale. Each studio and its respective sponsor combined creative thinking and technological innovation to address issues in modern Chinese living environments, and discover new possibilities for ideal future lifestyles.