Project: Audi Münchmünster

Audi AG
Münchsmünster (Germany)
Planning Area:
50 ha
Development Period:
2011 - 2012
Antje Voigt, Dipl. Ing. Architektin BDA, Frankfurt
renderING Visualisierung + Animation, Darmstadt

In course of expansion processes, AUDI AG is opening a new production site in the community of Münchsmünster (region of Ingolstadt, Germany). The site will be covering an area of 50 ha. Starting in 2014 about 400 employees will be fabricating car-parts and components.

The master planning of the new site started in early project phases to provide an information basis during the land purchasing process. It was further on developed to serve as a basis for the construction design and the internal facility management of the client. It included
∙ site analyses (restrictions, building regulations etc.),
∙ reviewed and integrated planning data of consultants and experts (development plans, media inventory, surveyors, traffic development etc.),
∙ functional layouts with primary building information (grids, heights, access etc.),
∙ future development phases of the site and
∙ visualization of the architectural development in a 3D model.