Project: Ningbo Museum

Ningbo Museum
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Building Area:
25,970 sqm
Design Period (Competition period):
March 2005– June 2005
Hao Dong,Binke Lenhardt
Crossboundaries Beijing, with studio berlin (Berlin)

Reflecting the transition from water to land. Visitors climb into the museum, an ephemeral exhibition volume. Inside, three massive islands each an exhibition space.

tension and correlation between elementary forces

At large, the islands are organised in a manner of overall harmony and balance to form a composition that follows the principles of an ideal landscape. Approaching the New Ningbo Museum from the plaza, the building resembles an ideal coastal landscape, similar to the perception of a seafarer returning to the coastline of Ningbo.

On entering the exhibition volume, raised above ground level, visitors arrive in the lobby and entertainment level. All public areas of the museum are intermingled in a natural flow. Structured only by the islands. Visitors ascend into one of the three island halls.

Unified, the volumes are wrapped in a surface of horizontal stone louvers. Depending on the light the effect changes during the course of the day, the effects in the space transform from earth layers to a gently rippled water surface at night.