Project: Qimoo Children’s Apparel

Rosemoo Clothing Co.
Commission Time:
April 2016
First store realized:
October 2016
Xian (two realized)
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Partners in Charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design team:
Cynthia Cui, TANG Dian, Libny Pacheco, Andra Ciocoiu, TAN Kebin
Animation and rendering:
WANG Xudong
Yang Chaoying

A 'seed' which grows into the retail space, children's apparel brand Qimoos' flagship store is not your conventional shop. Crossboundaries’ approach was to provide a child friendly shopping experience, integrated into one single element.

not your conventional shop

Showcasing the Qimoo brand, the 'seed' contains all the functional elements required. Resulting in a single element which customers can move around and through, but primarily it realizes Qimoo's vision to lead kids in adventures of the imagination. A series of cave-like spaces for children to explore in multiple directions. Soft chairs spill out on the edges, extending the landscape for children to explore.

What first appears to be a simple volume within a space is in fact a strategic relationship of two parts, the seed and the space it sits in. The seed's form determines the patterns that spiral out onto the floor and up on the walls, designating the locations of further functions: mirrors, logo, the brand VI, etc. The design has the ability to be modified and applied in multiple locations.