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Project: Sport Facility for BUCT

The Beijing University of Chemical Technology
ChaoYang District, Beijing
Building Area:
26,980 sqm
Design Period (Competition period):
September 2011
Hao Dong,Binke Lenhardt
crossboundaries , Beijing

In a dense campus, BUTC sports facility functions as one entity containing three separated zones. In between, 'buffers' connect the circulation through the building. Indoor and outdoor activities are visibly connected at intervals. From the buildings above a green roof visually lifts the roof-scape.

boldly revitalising

A competition for a multifunctional sport facility with a capacity for 3500 spectators. Accommodating flexible areas that could be occupied with student activities or offices. The University is one of China's key institutions with a core curriculum of science, engineering, economic management, languages and other liberal arts.

The mass of the building is lifted at the north edge, activating the sporting activity inside. The solid closed surfaces of the facade are wrapped in perforated metal mesh. Openings delineated with thin louvers, emphasising a dynamic happening inside, and cut into the green surface of the roof.

Zone one is the largest, a multifunctional gym, which can hold public basketball games or university events. Zone two, houses different indoor sports such as badminton, squash or table tennis and an Olympic sized pool and zone three is exclusive to university related functions.