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Second Floor

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Scenarios & Derivation of Pentagon

Project: Teabank Shenzhen

Shenzhen Shenbao Industrial Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Software Industrial Base, Shenzhen, China
Total Area:
1980 sqm
Sept 2014
July 2015
Interior Design:
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Cynthia Cui, Maria Francesca Origa, Felix Amiss, Natalie Bennett, Anna Pipili, Sidonie Kade
DONG Hao, Crossboundaries, Beijing

A tea house awash with a pentagonal pattern that defies the grid of the surrounding buildings, simulating a winding journey through tea fields. Setting the scene for both a work break tea to-go and a get-away from the virtual world for tech professionals.

winding through imagined tea fields

Situated amidst tech corporations in the new Shenzhen Software Industrial Base. Teabank is a metropolitan tea life experience-focused store of convenience and leisure. The flagship offline store completing its ecommerce with a brick-and-mortar tea experience.

The pentagons, when multiplied, can be both rigid and organic outlines. They sprout like tea trees, taking over the interior. Wood surfaces soften the geometric pentagons reinforcing a sense of growth and nature. A winding flight of stairs suspends from the ceiling. Weaving customers from the fast-paced first floor. Continuing at second floor the concrete path is complemented with warm green woven vinyl. Over head the ceiling and light boxes take on the same flow, simulating a stroll through tea fields.

To the street the lofty first floor includes a long bar, indoor and outdoor seating overlooked by an intimate mezzanine. Above a spatial second floor, provide a space for slower-paced activities and events. Including an open library, with plenty of seating for quite reading and social interactions. Outdoor, a large seating area provides a tea garden and event space, connecting to the rest of the new development.