1st Floor

2nd Floor


West Elevation and Section

East Elevation and Section

Structural Concept

Project: Timber House

Aschaffenburg, Germany
Single-Family Home
Building gross area:
260 qm
Design Period:
2003 - 2004
Construction Period:
Dipl. Ing. Antje Voigt Architektin BDA
Cooperation Partners:
Dipl. Ing. H. Peseke, Structural Planning
Antje Voigt, Rainer Drexel

The design transforms an image of the existing urban development to a monolithic timber volume. Taking reference from the pitched roofs of traditional barns in the Spessart region.

modern vernacular

Prefabricated, the house was constructed in four days and wrapped in untreated Douglas fir. The roof shrinks the facade to the north, pulling down to make a protective entrance. On the south pulling back, opening up the house to the garden and the surrounding landscape.

The ground floor is designed as an open living space: The staircase divides the entrance from kitchen and living room. Sliding doors complement the free flow of space. Upstairs are the bedrooms. The cantilever tip offers special interiors: In the bathroom it contains furniture for the wash basin. In the bedrooms cosy alcoves with skylight windows provide a view into the sky.