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Project: Zhong Xian Bai Juyi Museum

A museum for a poet, embedded in the typography of Zhong Xian new urban plan. Extending the street to the roof creating a terrace and views across the city. Connecting the city and its people, just as Bai Juyi's poems did.

standing on top of the city

Hailing from the Tang dynasty, local poet Bai Juyi's poems were themed around his responsibilities as a governor of several small provinces sympathising with his people. Rising to popularity for his accessibility of his language and influenced the Asian belle-letters.

Our proposal places a low grounded building on a triangular site located on a hill side. Filling the sites limits while contrasting with the surrounding, characterized by high density and varied heights. Using the natural slope of the site to incorporate the roof as an extension of the street. Offering an additional terrace and view point.