Parallel Competences depending on Building Project

Range of Aspects of Structural Planning

Exemplary Factors of Influence in Planning Processes

Project: Audi Process Management in Structural Planning

Development period:
Institute IIKE, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Antje Voigt, Dipl. Ing. Architektin BDA, Frankfurt

The optimization of production processes is one of the most obvious targets of the master planning for production sites. The relations between different production steps within the complex production system usually are developed carefully to minimize frictional losses. What seems to be self-evident practice for the various different production segments is only suitable to a limited extend within the scale of a production site like the Ingolstadt AUDI plant. Restrictions from the existing building structures, tight timelines or even problems to evaluate the complex processes put limits on a qualified structural process management.

Due to the rising importance of optimized production processes the scope of work in the described survey was to develop opportunities of an integrated process management for the structural planning department. Targets, competencies, impacts and scopes of works were analyzed,
methods were tested.