Project: Audi Master Plan Office and Social Areas

Planning area:
220 ha
Development period:
2008 - 2009
Research Institute:
IIKE, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Antje Voigt, Dipl. Ing. Architektin BDA, Frankfurt

As part of the greenfield design of an international car manufacturing plant the conceptual survey analyzes and develops all educational, office, social, personal and accessibility functions. In automotive plants these functions are structurally significant for the performance of the overall system. This holistic approach aims to create conditions, that take the interests of the employees into account, as well as the corporate culture and the long-term company’s objectives.

The survey acquires basic information (number of employees, functional program, requirements of functions and spaces etc.) and evaluates reference projects. It develops general and project-specific evaluation criteria as well as layout proposals, functional diagrams and planning recommendations as a basis for further planning. Of particular importance for the survey are the following factors:

∙ All offices and social facilities are developed as an integral part of the entire plant. In their functional relationships they have to optimally support each other and other plant functions and processes.

∙ In order to ensure sustainability, flexibility and growth strategies are developed, which allow the future adaptability to planned or unplanned changes.