Project: Workscape Reimagined

Shenzhen, China
Building area:
Design period:
Nov. 2019 -Dec. 2019
Completion Date:
Aug. 2020 -Aug. 2020
Completion date:
Aug. 2020
Partners in Charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design Team:
HOU Jinghui, HUANG Biao, Marijana Simic, HAO Hongyi
Construction Company:
Oriental Expo Services Shenzhen Ltd.

Recognizing Haworth efforts to bridge the gap between the current typical Chinese office environment and China's increasingly international and upwardly mobile workforce, Crossboundaries came up with a booth design that doesn't only aim to showcase pieces of furniture but also demonstrate the vision of a different kind of space that this furniture can inhabit.

Designed several months before the COVID 19 pandemic, and with different reasons in mind, the design already contained some considerations of the need to keep people feeling both separated and connected and included the idea of mobility of the individual work point. Now as these subjects become more relevant than ever, we revisit the project from a new perspective, imagining it as a prototype for any future workspace.

The central idea is the agile working landscape - workscape, where all the surfaces become inhabitable and offer many variations of use. The idea of sitting in a designated cubicle or one working spot is scraped and replaced with a variety of possibilities that offer both gathering and isolating options. The formal expression of the booth is an exaggeration of the workscape concept, with mountain-like plates erasing the difference between floor, walls and ceiling and creating small canyons that lead the visitors through the furniture display. This iconic backdrop is in a muted gray color that puts the signature colorful Haworth furniture in focus. The individual pieces stand out and supporting equipment is built in the landscape. The more organic setting matches the brand's curvilinear products and supports the ergonomic workspace philosophy. The landscape provides both integration and separation of the working zones, guiding you towards places of interaction and collaboration while providing the more private and isolated areas as well.

In the light of the future changes of the workspace, the workscape approach offers a variety of possibilities to inhabit an office and use its entire surface to offer people their own most comfortable way to work, sit, move, collaborate and isolate.

The booth was on display at Shenzhen Creative Week at the end of August 2020.